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/ 2014

Sinebrychoff is the leading manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and energy drinks in 

Finland. They also import a large selection of international beers as well as a wide range of other alcoholic beverages.


The company headquarters in Kerava, Finland has a bar and an auditorium space on the premises where they meet clients and present their new products. The previous design was created in the 90s so space was in need of a full renovation. The brief was to re-design the bar and auditorium area to meet with the new Sinebrychoff brand identity while creating a fresh, contemporary and stylish interior.

Design team:

Essi Nádor, Roosa Riski, Annariina Alander, Esa Naukkarinen, Laura Suominen, Juuli Höök, Sanni Vuori, Tinja Sarkanen, Kaisa Sinisalo, Nina Ahlroos, Janni Vuori, Gea Karja, Hanna Dominy



Photos by Unto Rautio

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