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/ 2015

 Innoflame is one of Finland’s leading brand product companies. They offer their customers a vast selection of business gifts in various categories.


Innoflame has grown tremendously in the last years, and at the end of 2014 decided to expand its premises. Working space was increased by 150 square meters, and the new spaces were renovated to be functional and enjoyable. In addition, the old spaces were spruced up and modified to better meet current needs. The new visuals and color scheme of the spaces support Innoflame’s brand and reflect the company’s values.


In conjunction with its offices, Innoflame has a large showroom, where they have a large variety of products on view. The wide range of the products caused issues with presentation and more clarity was required in the space. Small but critical changes in the showroom created a remarkable difference. Space was reorganized and the layout was simplified. Space was divided into smaller sections, making it easier to compartmentalize different brands and product categories. The separation also created a more intimate ambiance than the previous warehouse-like atmosphere.


A noticeable change was created through the use of lighting. Retail store appropriates spotlighting was installed across the whole ceiling. The new lighting stylishly shows off the products and is easily adjustable.

In addition to the showroom, the company’s offices were completely redesigned.


Designed in collaboration with Roosa Riski

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala

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