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/ 2015


Innoflame is one of Finland’s leading brand product companies. They offer their customers a vast selection of business gifts in various categories.


Innoflame has grown tremendously in the last years, and at the end of 2014 decided to expand its premises. Working space was increased by 150 square meters, and the new spaces were renovated to be functional and enjoyable. In addition, the old spaces were spruced up and modified to better meet current needs. The new visuals and color scheme of the spaces support Innoflame’s brand and reflect the company’s values.


The planning process of the workspace was begun by studying the employees’ working routines. Work stations that had previously been vague and disjointed all around the premises, were brought together to ease intercommunication and cooperation within the company. At Innoflame, people work in teams so separate rooms were designed for each team. A relaxed and multipurpose “Indoor picnic”-themed lounge area was placed in between the team rooms. The office’s new sports equipment offers an alternative break from work, instead of the traditional coffee cup.


In addition to the workspaces, the showroom was designed to be more presentable and coherent.
More about the showroom renovation:


Designed in collaboration with Roosa Riski
Photos: Aleksi Tikkala

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