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We are looking for an interior architect trainee for fall 2020/spring2021. Send us your cv, portfolio & application before 10.9. to hello@nador.fi
Tmi Essi Nádor is now Nádor + Nádor Oy.

Nádor + Nádor is a design agency working with both private & public customers.

Essi Nádor is an interior architect working with both private and commercial interiors. She took part in the channel Nelonen TV-reality series "Asuntokaupat sokkona" (buying blind) in 2018-2019.

All images & floorplans of the finished homes can be found from her Instagram account under hashtag #asuntokaupatsokkona


When working at dSign Vertti Kivi & Co. as well as working on her own she's been lucky to be part of various projects ranging from smaller home improvements to full-scale private home interior design and renovation plans and from exciting forerunner startup companies to established large-scale headquarter office concept design and implementation projects.

As a designer, she considers herself to be precise and having an eye for detail. She considers functionality to be essential. Functionality does not overrule aesthetics or other set goals but is always the basis of the designs.

And happy people. That's the ultimate goal.

She aims to reach that goal and it includes her clients, people working within the project at hand, and herself. Good communication, taking care of customers' needs as well as keeping in mind the brief plus adding something extra is a great start...

She gets excited easily and likes to involve a little (soft) anarchy in the game whenever possible.

As her friend & colleague put it:

"Essi has the energy of a small town that she equally channels between work and friends. If you don't see her at the office it's probably because she is training for the Olympic swimming team."